Carolina Center for Counseling

& Behavioral Interventions, LLC

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Autism Services


The Carolina Center for Counseling & Behavioral Interventions, LLC  offers counseling services for toddlers, children, youth, adults, and families dealing with suspected or diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).



The client will be greeted by a highly-trained professional counselor who specializes in ASD and who is familiar with the issues surrounding the disorder.  We will work together to assess the client’s strengths and weaknesses in order to identify goals for counseling.   During the assessment, the therapist will evaluate the child’s level of functioning in multiple areas including social, emotional, physical, and academic functioning. Additionally, a through mental health assessment will be completed.


Individual Counseling

The therapist will work one on one with the client to address specific treatment goals. Typically, most clients with ASD prefer to begin their counseling services individually in order to work on specific issues and to develop a rapport with the counselor. If needed, the therapist will transition the client to other service types such as family or group therapy.


Family Therapy

Because ASD affects the entire family system, we provide counseling to identify and manage issues that may arise. Our clinicians help caregivers recognize and plan for ASD related stressors in an effort to prevent or minimize disruptions within the home and lives of family members. Topics that can be addressed may include helping siblings, parents, relatives, and spouses in understanding ASD and how they can cope with the effects of the disorder themselves. Family therapy can consist of only the family members or a combination of the client and family.


Group Therapy

We offer a variety of groups to help clients meet their goals. Groups include social/emotional skills training, coping skills training for ADHD and anxiety disorders, parent management training, and psycho-educational support groups for siblings and parents. Groups meet weekly and are matched according to the client’s level of developmental abilities.