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	A common joke is that kids donít come with instructions.   The only instructions you may have received if he cries he may be wet, hungry or sick. Good Luck! We will read how to books or take lessons to learn a sport or new hobby.   But when it comes to parenting there is hesitation to seek help.  Most assume they learned what to do or what not to do from their parents; however, many might be reluctant to broaden their knowledge of parenting.  Why is it that we are more willing to take a class to improve our golf swing than to improve our relationship with our children? The stigma may come from the celebrated cases we may hear about from neglect or abuse cases. Parenting classes do more than provide new discipline methods or present complicated programs; they emphasize your relationship with your child. 

	Parenting skills classes are beneficial for the parent who feels they have tried everything. In todayís world or immediate information and our children being matured by the media and internet are we close to keeping up? Parenting skills are not designed to infer youíre a bad parent; quite contrary. Parenting skills provide opportunities to learn different techniques, brainstorm with other parents, and have support through the difficulties.  This may include parents of children who have emotional or behavioral concerns.  Also parents who have children with medical conditions can benefit with assistance determining how to best meet their childís unique needs. Or it may be the parents of a well adjusted child who is seeking to become the best parent that they can. 

Working with numerous children and adolescents we find in doing so that to better the child it takes a family intervention.  Further, we have found that many good parents blame themselves for difficulties with the child but as they are always assured; they did the best they could with the information they had.  In order to maximize the effectiveness of our work, we will begin with parenting skills classes of different structure and focus. Listed are areas of focus we will begin with shortly:
An eight (8) week class that focuses on building relationships with children and effective discipline strategies.
Classes for parents of children who have emotional or behavioral concerns 
Later this fall we will offer a class for cooperative parenting in the midst of divorce or separation
Parent Management Training for parents who feel that their child opposes or defies every instruction and direction. 

Our hope is that with a focus on parenting and work with the specific issues with the child that the efforts and progress will be maximized. And by doing so, the family can move forward in being a family that is productive and better able to handle the fast paced world that we and our children live.

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