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Prime Action


Preschool Resource for Intervention to Mediate Emotionality


Addressing Child's Thoughts Interest Obstacles and Needs


             This program offers group and individual sessions for toddlers and preschoolers to focus on emotional control and boundaries for young children. This program teaches emotional regulation skills, allows for practice in the context of play, improves and develops reciprocal play (sharing) and negotiation skills, practices communication strategies during play sessions, and develops appropriate communication skills to reduce separation anxiety and meeting new people and getting ready for school skills. This program uses a developmental approach to evaluation of social and emotional domains while working along with parents to foster positive parenting styles and improve behavioral management skills.



Prime Action Group


The focus of this group is to assist young children to develop emotionally and socially appropriate  behaviors in a small group setting. This group places an emphasis  the improvement of social skills and learning new skills to help with transitions between home and school. Children will learn emotional regulation skills needed for calming separation and social anxiety. They will learn the skills needed to help with improving communication and peer interactions prior to or during the transition to preschool and kindergarten.


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