Carolina Center for Counseling

& Behavioral Interventions, LLC

Text Box: Bridging the gap for individuals and families.

About the Center

The Carolina Center for Counseling was founded on the premise of focus, dedication, work ethic, and passion instilled in me by my late parents. My intention is to incorporate these into the care of each and every client that enters the door. My experience has shown that people who are dealing with crisis or issues that are beyond their control are more at ease in an environment that is non-threatening or intimidating. I have worked to set up an office that is more like home.


My goal is to offer the most caring and dedicated service to the clients while utilizing the techniques and therapies based on the latest research and practice. I want to offer my clients hope and direction when sometimes that does not seem possible. The practice will accept children, adolescents, adults and families. I feel to best maximize the counseling process, a multi-discipline approach is needed and I will cooperate fully with and in conjunction with physicians, pastors, families and educators to see that the client is receiving that which will offer he/she a better quality of life while maintaining the strictest level of trust and confidentiality.


Ronald H. Reames, MA, LPC

Further, my experience as a career law enforcement officer, teacher and counselor can bring to the client many perspectives that otherwise they may not have. I have been exposed to the traumas and pitfalls of daily life and for three and a half years  worked with high intensity cases involving children and families that were facing dissolution if current issues were left unresolved. These problems were varied and required much creativity along with the involvement of many resources that I have developed over the years. CCCBI has now been  open for 2 ½ years and  I counsel with students at the SC Governor’s School in Greenville and formerly worked with a local bariatric center on the non-surgical side with those considered obese but who chose not to have surgery or at the present time are not good candidates for the surgery.