Text Box: Back to School
The phrase “back to school” is associated with varied emotions.  For some, the thoughts of new school bring about excitement and anticipation.  They are eager for a fresh start with a book bag filled with new school supplies.  For others, the changes evokes panic or anxiety.  The comfort of predictability is replaced with the uncertainty of new classmates, the new teacher, a new school, and new (and unknown) expectations.  While the return to the routine of the school year will bring comfort the transition brings great challenges. 

While some of the stresses are unavoidable, there are ways to ease the strain of the transitions.  It is important to recognize factors that may make for a difficult transition back to school:
Starting a new school
Starting in a different type of classroom.
Change in after-school care
Divorce, illness, or death of a family member.
Beginning school for the first time.
Going to high school or middle school
Negative end to last school year
Children who are resistant to change
Children who are anxious about school
Children who were bullied
The more aspects of the child’s schedule that will be changing the greater the need for support.  Taking into consideration your child’s sensitivity to change as well as the types of changes they will experience will help you to guide them through the transition.

The start to school can be difficult for parents as well.  For a parent of a child who dreads the first day of school anxiety levels run high.  With guarded hopes that maybe this year will be better, parents brace themselves for the return.  Open communication with teachers can help lessen the tension of waiting for the first note home.   Often parents are hesitant to let the teacher know that their child has difficulties with specific aspects of school. Identifying specific challenges for the child help set them up for success  By discussing these with a teacher before the start of school, parents and teachers will be able to be more proactive in striving to meet the child’s needs.  
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Tips for starting the year off well


· Take advantage of opportunities to meet the teacher and visit the classroom before the first day of school

· Communicate honestly about your children’s needs and difficulties

· Let the teacher know if this is the child’s first year in public or private school

· Begin early adjusting schedules so that children are prepared for the change in sleeping and eating schedules.

· Identify familiar or supports such as prior teachers, school staff, or counselors.

· Discuss with children changes in school, type of classroom, transportation, and after-school care