Carolina Center for Counseling

& Behavioral Interventions, LLC

Text Box: Bridging the gap for individuals and families.

Services for Children and Teens


At CCCBI, we offer professional services to help children and their families cope with the obstacles they face. 


Mood Disorders

Depression, Bi-polar disorder

Anxiety Disorders:

Generalized anxiety/panic, adjustment issues, separation anxiety, Social Anxiety, OCD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Acute Stress Disorder, Specific Phobias


Childhood Disorders:

ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders: Autism, Aspergers, PDD NOS, ODD, Conduct Disorder, Impulse Control, and Attachment.


Prime Action Services:

Services for toddlers and preschoolers to address behavioral concerns and emotional regulation.


Family Therapy:

Divorce, Blended Families, Sibling Relational Problems, Adoptions

Group Therapy:

Coping Skills, Social Skills, ADHD, and parenting strategies.  Groups that offer preparation for transitions starting school, beginning middle school or high school are offered.  Groups for children and adolescents are available.