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  We are now entering 2009 a new year and a time to focus anew on the future. For so many years society has treated people suffering from “mental illness” as someone who is possessed by demons or less than first class citizens. When we take time to study history and look at those that have been stricken with illnesses such as depression we have to stand back in amazement on how these people went so far but still suffered as they did. This is the year, this is the time to look at our mental health for what it is, a physical problem! 

  If we all believe that mental health problems are as the movies portray, the looming demon of darkness who is calculating and cold, then we must educate ourselves more. If you have ever been told “just pull yourself up by the boot straps” and you felt more isolated and alone, the person making the statement should do more to really see it’s not that simple. We as a society need to look at the problems and expend as much effort to validate and acknowledge the illness as real rather than being critical of the person who suffers as just unable to cope. 

   Granted, many illnesses are exaggerated due to the way we think and or the stress and anxieties that we encounter throughout life. These too are exacerbated by the sociological factors in our lives, or the environment. But bottom line, if the problems were not also of a biological or physical nature, medicines would not work! Medicine alone is not the cure, but it may be the one of the many tools along with support, self efficacy and therapy that will assist in regaining a focus on life and once again living and contributing as we once did.

  As we go into the New Year, examine yourself. Are you suffering from a problem that you have hesitated to take action on due to the stigma? Do you know someone that you may be able to encourage to seek treatment or you can be the support that they need to become better? Are you educated to the signs and symptoms of the illness that you feel that you may suffer from. Almost all of us recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. But would you recognize depression?

   Take the time to become involved in your care, of those around you or just to become an advocate for those millions of people who daily are ostracized due to the lack of education the general public has on mental health issues. Visit the NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) website to see how you can become involved. And if you feel that you are suffering from an illness, seek help. Do this for yourself in order to improve your quality of life and again feel as the person you once did. Mental health problems are nothing to be ashamed of. You would not hesitate to seek treatment if you felt as though you were having a heart attack or diabetes. Let 2009 be the year that we together begin to treat, encourage and advocate for those who suffer from the debilitating effects of mental illness.
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