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Teens and Young Adults in Transition

Teens in high school or entering college freshmen are faced with transitional challenges either from high school to college or into the work place and many times direction has not been received.†† These groups are designed for teens with ADHD, Aspergerís Syndrome,† HFA or other developmental disorders.†


College Prep Group

As teens begin to prepare for college and adjust to taking more challenging classes in High School they often discover that their coping skills seem to fall short.† This group is geared towards teens entering 11th grade through college.† Topics include:

 I donít think Iím in High School anymore. College 101

 Managing work. The academics

 Time management

 Social life; friends roommates alcohol and drugs

 Taking responsibility for your meds

 Asking for help


Work Skills Group:

Teens and young adults face many hurdles as they look towards completing high-school and entering the work force.† This group is geared towards teens and young adults 16 years old and above that are desiring to find employment.† Topics include:

 Ya wanna job? Why, what, where

 Job search and applications

 The interview

 Staying on task!

 Socialization in the workplace

 How to get fired!